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  5. "Kony ñuha korze issa?"

"Kony ñuha korze issa?"

Translation:Is that one my long sword?

July 24, 2017



The correct word is longsword. a long sword is a sword that is long, whereas a longsword is a style of sword


What is the difference between kony, koni, kesy and kesi


I'm a beginner but it looks like the difference is:

kony: that, that one koni: those, those ones kesy: this, this one kesi: these, these ones

So kony and kesy are for singulars and koni and kesi are for plurals (same goes for bony, etc). It also helps me to think of the questions like this:

Kony ñuha korze issa? Is that one (over there) my longsword? Kesy ñuha korze issa? Is this (right here) my longsword?

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