"Kesy ñuha korze issa."

Translation:This one is my long sword.

July 24, 2017

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longsword not long_sword. A longsword is a sword characterized as having a cruciform hilt with a grip for two-handed use (around 16 to 28 cm (6 to 11 in)) and a straight double-edged blade of around 85 to 110 cm (33 to 43 in). a long sword is simply a sword that is long. longsword is a typo, apparently.


Big Thumbs up to you for knowing this. Respect.


Well, without going into too many details about fantasy worlds or differences in languages i still disagree. However perhaps more important is that close to 0 native English speakers would hear "long sword" and "longsword" distinguish them as two different objects (nor do they typically care about exact measurements of objects when talking about them)


I respectfully disagree. I find that any and all adjectives are of extreme importance when describing an object (whether that be a sword or not) and the length of that object (if applicable) is no different.

Regardless of anyone's opinion on the matter, in English they are two different things and should be trated as such. If, by any chance in Valyrian they are written the same way, that is fine. The important thing is to learn the language correctly.


Why was the exact same sentence, but with a question mark (?) at the end, translated as "Is this my longsword?" Are there no distinctions between questions and statements in this language (except for punctuation).


I'd assume not, as Italian is the exact same, and most likely other languages as well

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