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So many lingots & nothing to buy

Why aren't there more things to buy in the store? The whole lingots thing becomes rather unmotivating. Maybe duo could find a way I could use them to buy health on the ap?

July 24, 2017



So many lingots and I never got to try the language tests they used to have. I was saving up my lingots for them and now the tests are gone...


Hopefully they'll become a cryptocurrency one day...Imagine...


As someone who got today 103 for the streak - I can only hope you are a prophet )


I have only 80 lingots but I also wish they put more stuff in the store. The things I would like to see in the store are such things as daily conversational German, business German, email German, and etc.


Yes! Please give us more skills Duo :)


Lingots would be great to spend on cosmetic things and extra skills, were there more of the latter, and were the former more fleshed out.

I am looking forward to what they come up with, but hopefully the core functionality of Duo remains exactly as is. I simply adore the app! :)


Give them to people who post good questions and good answers.


But what are those people supposed to do with them?


I agree. I've got almost 700 - useless - lingots.

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