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So many lingots & nothing to buy

Why aren't there more things to buy in the store? The whole lingots thing becomes rather unmotivating. Maybe duo could find a way I could use them to buy health on the ap?

July 24, 2017



Hopefully they'll become a cryptocurrency one day...Imagine...


As someone who got today 103 for the streak - I can only hope you are a prophet )



With 1030 days, and such high levels in that many languages; I could estimate that you sir, must have around 1400 lingots with a standard deviation of 150 lingots...(If you haven't donated nor received a large amount of lingots)
So, tell me sir...Is my estimation too far?

Also, I myself hope that, it would be nice that those lingots had some value in at least other education-related websites...


No, every 10 days on a streak you receive (days_of_streak/10) lingots. So if he is on a 1030 days streak, today he received 103 lingots, ten days ago got 102, etc, so he received sum(1:103) lingots

sum(1:X) = 0.5X+0.5X²

0.5x103+0.5x103^2 = 5356

Then he received 5356 lingots along the strike.


No, indeed.
And let aside the lingots given when reaching a new level...
Sorry for using those statistical terms without proper calculation...I was just fooling around...and I like to gamble, also...
Thanks man...for pointing that out...


There is one flaw in the calculation: somewhere along the streak they stopped giving away lingots for (streak modulo 10) = 0, then returned it again.


So many lingots and I never got to try the language tests they used to have. I was saving up my lingots for them and now the tests are gone...


Lingots would be great to spend on cosmetic things and extra skills, were there more of the latter, and were the former more fleshed out.

I am looking forward to what they come up with, but hopefully the core functionality of Duo remains exactly as is. I simply adore the app! :)


I have only 80 lingots but I also wish they put more stuff in the store. The things I would like to see in the store are such things as daily conversational German, business German, email German, and etc.


Yes! Please give us more skills Duo :)


Give them to people who post good questions and good answers.

[deactivated user]

    But what are those people supposed to do with them?


    I share the Lingots I get


    I agree. I've got almost 700 - useless - lingots.


    Sharing is about all one can do with them. Maybe there should be a post where newbies can get lingots and people with too many can donate lingots.


    Duo doesn't like commies


    The Duo shop has less choice than a Soviet Era store.


    I am somewhat new and would like to buy the bonus skills in the store, so I'd appreciate it if you shared some lingots. Thanks and have a great day.


    the same with me!!


    Well I was about to write "Then give them all your lingots to me", when I realised I am no longer a newbie -- started 3 weeks ago : ) So in fact I just donated a few lingots to newbies, but if lingots become a cryptocurrency I want them back!


    How about starting an exchange. Fifty lingots for one Bitcoin?


    Uitstekende idee! Geef me maar gelijk twee Bitcoins, je krijgt weer 100 lingots onmiddelijk van me terug :)


    Dat was net een grapje, mijnheer Grote Water.


    I'm willing to trade you 100 lingots for 2 bitcoins as well if it wasn't a joke. As in, I give you 100 lingots and you send me 2 bitcoins.

    At the current exchange rate, who wouldn't? A bitcoin is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

    Edit: ah, I had misread net as niet.


    Ik had dat enigzins vermoed... Who knows why, I kinda suspected you were joking...


    De lewe zijn een gejaag na lingots, alles verniet!


    Well, I still enjoy picking up a few lingots here and there. Wish I could earn interest on them - something more than goodwill, though goodwill will suffice. Of course, then there would have to be an earned lingot tax. Mehhhh, I'll be happy with some kind of lingot t-shirt or ball cap (hat) - "Got Lingots?" Or something corny-funny like that.


    Oh, I just realized you can give lingots away! that's kind of fun.


    Yes, it's fun -- give some to me pls :)


    Lingots are created put of thin air by Doulingo. The don't want to trade anything of any value for them. Maybe virtual goods that keep you "engaged" in the app (and more importantly watching ads).

    To make economic sense, duo would need to start paying people lingots to watch ads or create high quality content.


    The thing I'd most like to be able to spend lingots on would be to be able to freeze my streak for more than one day at a time. Sooner or later I know that I'll end up going away for a few days and even if you're somewhere where wifi is an option, sometimes it's nice just not to touch the technology for a while.


    I enabled the Streak Freeze and it says "Equipped" and it's greyed out. How can I unfreeze the streak freeze? I don't need it for the time being. I want to save up lingots for a rainy day. I don't know if I'm paying lingots every day towards the streak freeze, everything is so expensive these days. Vielen Dank


    No, the streak freeze doesn't cost money every day.

    You buy it once and it stays equipped until you need it, then it works its magic and disappears.

    You only pay when you buy it.


    Zo ik koop dat Streak Freeze voor een dag en als ik niets doet werk dit?



    But be careful: it does not send you an email or a notification if it works and covers you on a day without doing anything.

    So it's best to check regularly that the streak freeze is still active if you want to rely on it.

    If it's suddenly gone, then it saved you in the past, but will not save you again in the future unless you buy it again.


    Wonderlijk! Uw verstaat wat ik zeggen. I'm also using Memrise to learn Dutch and it has a place in the settings where I changed the time zone. Does Duolingo also have that. It doesn't matter that much because I noticed it's only a hour off from where I find myself. Bij voorbaat bedankt!


    I speak English and German, so Dutch is not that far off.

    As far as I know, Duolingo always works on the time zone that you were in when you created your account.

    If you visit the website, it will tell you how much time you have left in your Duolingo day.

    I think there was something about being able to change the time zone with the Android app? But I don't remember the details.

    If you do move across time zones, that's also an excellent reason to keep a streak freeze equipped, just in case Duolingo doesn't agree with your personal clock on when the day starts and ends, and finishes a day even though you thought you still had a few hours to do your activities.


    Velen Dank, das ist gut. I know the Streak Freeze will work until 11:30 local time. O, ek is eintlik sogenaamd Afrikaans sprekend, alhoewel ek myself nie sien as 'n Afrikaan nie. I hope you got that, my language is the most simple of the Germanic languages. Welterusten


    I second that. When I'm traveling sometimes I don't even really have access to wifi for a couple of days, or I'm too jet lagged to bother.


    How about lingot poker?


    So crazy this complaint is more than a year old and there still aren't any updates!! I have 621 lingots, I paid to have the "plus" so that I could have everything offline and also my impatience with ads. I would even prefer that there weren't such a thing as lingots rather than have them with nothing to buy with them. The only true motivation I get is from people I have friended on the app and friendly competition with them. Otherwise the motivation is from within - nothing from duolingo .....grrrrrr


    i just started, so they havent lost purpose for me yes (donate unwanted lingots here) but, when i;ve gotten everything i need to, they're useless.


    Donate some to me? :)

    [deactivated user]

      I know, the streak freeze thing is useful only sometimes, and the double or nothing is ridiculous because you get more lingots but there isn't anything to buy with them.


      A year later, and still nothing ;(


      I ha e 2271 lingots....nowhere to put them....Duolingo!!!!! Add more skills!!!!!!!


      Seriously need more things to buy in the shop,.. so many lingots nothing to buy. Sad


      On every holiday I will give lingot but this year I was to leat so give me some lingot I only have four lingot

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