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  5. advice...im going to tokyo


advice...im going to tokyo

im going to tokyo for vacation!!! any key phrases or things i should know? any places i should visit? any advice is welcome.

July 24, 2017



Begin the Japanese for English speakers course; that way, you'll be more familiar with the language commonly spoken in Tokyo.


is it out for the pc yet? i signed up to be notified when it did but i havent been notified yet


Not on the website (it's still in the works!), but it's available on iOS and Android as of now.


well...then its a no go for me right now


If you have a Memrise account, they have a pretty good series of official courses you can do.
The advantage Memrise has over Duolingo is that you can pick and choose what you want to learn and go in any order you want.


How about trying an Android emulator for PC/Windows like Bluestacks.
You can install and run the DuoLingo Android app in this sandbox.

For my Portuguese I also found several bigger offline learning apps in the Google Play store.


no brainer don't go to the tourists spots go to friendly neighborhoods meet new people and try the "traditional" food! :) and have fun at Tokyo!


i will ....thanks! im super excited


Although, if you really want to, tourist spots can still be fun.


This video :


For key phrases, I suppose this would come in handy :

すみません、日本語を話しません。: Sorry, I don't speak Japanese ( polite form ).

( transliteration : Sumimasen, nihongo o hanashimasen )

If you're not too busy and the trip isn't occurring in the next few days, you could use this website in your spare time to study up on Japanese. I wish you good luck, and I hope you have a nice trip!


Another Duolingo user posts Japanese lessons in the forum. It might be useful to go through the "Pronunciation" and "Phrases" lessons so you have a basic understanding of the language. The link is https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7963862. Don't worry if you aren't very good with Japanese though, a lot of Japanese people know English. Have fun in Tokyo!


If you already know the basics of the language, a Japanese/English dictionary would be useful to carry around with you. Check your local library, there's usually a language section.


wow! congratulations! love your name :)

[deactivated user]

    I went to Tokyo just a few months ago and it was so amazing! Definitely learn some Japanese as in a lot of places English is limited, but people are so patient when you are trying to speak :) If you want to see where I went, I have a blog here. There are some other places we visited in Japan there too, as rail travel, although expensive is very easy.

    Have an great time! :)

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    Have a great trip. It's my home city.



    when is your vacation?
    How many days / months do you still have for learning maybe the basics in the language?

    Personally I think that trying to learn a view things in a short time (e.g 90 days) with the help of phrase books, hacking courses,.... is quite different than going through a full DuoLingo tree with all it's skills more down the tree or any other app tree which is more directed for the long-term.

    Mondly Japanese (web): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23524002/Mondly-languages-added-19-new-topics-to-their-tree

    Language 101 Japanese (web): https://language101.com/

    50languages 100 days course: https://www.50languages.com/learn-japanese-online-free.php
    For English and Portuguese they had native recorded MP3s and scripts for each day.


    50languages 100 days course: https://www.50languages.com/learn-japanese-online-free.php

    For English and Portuguese they had native recorded MP3s and scripts for each day.


    Great! but I don't know Tokyo-ish but good for you!


    If you learn katakana (one of the three character sets Japanese uses), you will be able to read all the loan words in Japanese text. This is useful on quite a few signs as well as when presented with a Japanese-only meny (this will happen). You won't be able to read the entire menu but you will be able to figure out what is "ham-ba-ga", what is "chickin", what is "chocoretu" (chocolate).


    Tokidokitraveller and Kimdao on youtube have many videos suggesting places...

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