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Why can I do the courses with hardly any mistakes but then the next day i cant remember the words and i have to keep redoing courses.? Is there a way i can remember words without having to do redo courses?

July 24, 2017



Ask your brain: Why can't you remember things without redoing things?

I think this is the normal learning process. You can't retain something without repeating it. At least I can't ... This applies to maths, languages, the moves of a dance -- everything.

July 24, 2017


Just two additional thoughts:


Why can I do the courses with hardly any mistakes (...)

There may be the same thing going on as with me: I start an exercise, make a mistake quite early in that exercise, and as soon as I get the correction, I know: Oh, yes, that's the correct structure! And I won't repeat that error again because I consistently stay with that structure, even if I repeat it in different examples.

So I get the impression that I hardly make any mistakes, but indeed I've been doing the same thing in that space of time.

Over time, I will forget again, and this is when I should be reminded to repeat again (after 1 day, after 5 days ...) in order to really stabilize that structure in my mind.


If you think about it, you may find -- like me -- that forgetting is indeed a positive thing. We are bombarded with thousands of unimportant or even wrong pieces of information each day, and if we retained all that, we would be crazy soon, with our poor brains aching under the load!

By repeating a lesson, we tell our brain: "This is really important stuff; you should keep this in your store. And then you may forget all the other stuff that occurred only once". And this makes our brain happy, I think. :-)


that is why it's important to review, review, review. No point progressing to next lesson too quickly when you haven't solidified what has gone before because the lessons build on each other.


try writing the words you learned so you'll remember them


Well, first German language isnt easy..the grammar is "the worst"...I think only polish is even "worse" .. plus it's very precise... so if you really want to learn it you cannot just use Duo ..bäm truth is out... ;) nah for real.. make yourself oldschool cards which you can take on the bus or whereever.. the plus is you have to HANDwrite it once and you cant betray xyourself if you use one language on the one side and the other on the other.. stuff like that helps a lot!!! But thats true for any language.. talking to German people is always a good idea! ;)

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