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Fading skills - keeping lessons mastered

Hi All

I'm just about finished German. I have one more "tree" (I think) to go.

I've been trying to keep all the lessons gold but it has become an increasingly challenging task and now I find it almost impossible.

I take the weekend off and practice about an hour a day. I used to spend Mondays turning everything gold. Then that took Monday and Tuesday. Now I've given up an decided to only keep the prior tree gold.

Thoughts ? Comments? Should I care?


July 24, 2017



Do you have the timed practice ? ( can be bought in the Lingot Store) This is a fast way to keep your tree gold. Once I do a certain amount of exercises the normal way , I stengthen the weak ones with the timed practice ,which only takes about 2 minutes per section


I don't seem to have the times practice on the iOS app. Thanks for responding.


Hey, markcrobson! Congrats on almost finishing German! That's awesome!

If I were you, I'd check out the Timed Practice game in the Lingot Store. I think it cost me 20 lingots, although my sister said that on her device, prices are different, so I don't know. Regardless, it's a great tool for reviewing giant sections all at once.

Also, Duolingo is an imperfect system, and it won't always be able to judge your memory well. If you feel like you still have a grasp on these terms, it doesn't matter so much. An hour a day is too much more most people (at least for me).


I don't seem to have the times practice on the iOS app. Thanks for responding.


A tree is an entire course, not a row.


Starting a language from the very beginning you have to to repeat at least five times what you had already learned, and what has to find its way from the short term to the long term memory. So these 30000 xp points you need to reach level 25 are really realistic for a difficult language. If you use Duolingo only for brushing up Duolingo is too quick in letting the golden leaves fall from your tree. So even if you don't like it. Completing the tree with 10000 xp is only a third of your way to having all words in your long term memory. So keeping the things golden and having done only half the way would be misleading. You have reched level 22. So you have about 8-10000 xp to go yet to reach level 25. by then your tree will lose less golden leaves. But even then repetion or learning with other resources are necessary. Keep on learning. I have level 25 on French, and it is my weakest language. The other languages I knew before joining Duolingo.


Thanks for your feedback.

So you recommend slowing progress to keep all the lessons golden?

I don't understand how things get "un-golden" but for example, how many times do I need to refresh "the".

Kind regards Mark


you are right. There are some things that are nonsense for repetion. Try to avoid mistakes. the logic in learning says, that you need several right answer to erase one mistake in your mind. Making mistakes in repetition induces the system to reset your status for this piece of vocabulary. In former times they said, you learn from mistakes. Today we know, that you are learning mistakes by making mistakes. So try to keep your rate of mistakes low. And finally an all-golden-tree is of no practical use Try to get along in such discussions with German:

Ich hoffe, Du verstehst meinen deutschen Text. In Deutschland gibt es ein Wort, das es so in keiner anderen Sprache gibt: "Sprachgefühl". Wir meinen damit ein Gefühl für die Sprache zu entwickeln, das halt nicht von Tausenden grammatkalischen Regeln geprägt ist. Das Gefühl sagt Dir welche Zeiten und welche Fälle du nutzen musst etc.. Dann beginnst Du, in der neuen Sprache zu leben. Das Phänomen ist in allen Sprachen gleich. Aber die wörtliche Übersetzung für Sprachgefühl gibt es wohl nicht.

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