"Mon oncle est l'auteur du livre."

Translation:My uncle is the author of the book.

March 8, 2013



Why not "my uncle is the author of a book" ??

March 8, 2013


"du" is a contraction of "de-le", therefore the use of definite article "the" is logical.

"My uncle is the author of a book" is "mon oncle est l'auteur d'un livre"

March 8, 2013


Yes, I finally got it right. Merci, cher Monsieur Sitesurf! Really you're the best. The French site is much loved- don't burn out!

October 4, 2014


Merci beaucoup.

May 7, 2018


why not 'writer' instead of 'author'?

March 10, 2013

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Writer is "l'écrivain".

August 14, 2014


Wondering the same thing. Marking it as "should be correct", we'll see what Duolingo does with it.

May 7, 2013


He is the author of the specific book but he may not be a writer, i.e. earning by writing

December 18, 2014



So, the feminine form of auteur is auteuresse, right?


June 27, 2014


The feminine noun for "un auteur" is "une auteure".

June 27, 2014


Some of the phrases are so odd that they seem really unlikely. Going to try to see them as 'island' phrases, not with any context!

September 3, 2014


This is meant to teach you the construction of possessive cases in French. So that you are not tempted to mirror the English structure, like "mon oncle est le livre auteur"

September 16, 2014


Why don't you need "la" in front of livre? I was under the impression that adding of in front of something turned it to the generic version like "Je dois acheter du pain" for "I must buy bread" not "I must buy THE bread", which Duolingo will certainly count you wrong on if you include "le". Based on what we previously learned I expected this to be "My uncle is an author of books" or "A book author" ...

February 15, 2016


"un livre" is masculine to mean a book, so you cannot have a feminine article in front of a masculine noun.

"du" is not only a partitive article, it is used in number of cases where the preposition "de" and the definite article "le" are both needed.

"du" is the contraction of "de+le", whether or not this is the translation for "of the" or "some" or "about the".

February 15, 2016


I finally understand that last point! Merci beaucoup, Sitesurf!

February 16, 2016


why is du livre of the book instead of a book

September 1, 2018


Remember: "du" is the contraction of "de" + "le" = of the

September 1, 2018


I haven't tried:

"My uncle is the book's author"

does DL accept that as a correct answer from French to English?

Jan 29th. 2019.

January 30, 2019


Yes, your suggestion is already accepted.

January 30, 2019


Never mind i see.

February 4, 2019


The correct translation should be:My uncle is the author of book,Without any article before the book. Therefore the translation there before "the book"is totally wrong. I hope they should take a good examination to the sentence Thank you.

February 20, 2019


"Mon oncle est l'auteur du livre" has "du" as the contraction of "de+le" = "of the". It is a possessive case.

Therefore, the book is specific and you need "the author of the book" or "the book's author".

As far as I can tell, "the author of book" does not make sense.

February 21, 2019
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