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  5. "Her wife is a scientist."

"Her wife is a scientist."

Translation:Ihre Frau ist Wissenschaftlerin.

July 25, 2017

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"Her wife?" I am confused...


The sentence speaks about a woman who is married to another woman, as is possible in some areas.


Would it be better to say "Her wife is one scientist" if the German sentence is written as "Ihre Frau ist eine Wissenschaftlerin" ?


Both "Her wife is a scientist" and "Her wife is one scientist" are possible translations of that sentence.

There's a subtle difference from Ihre Frau ist Wissenschaftlerin that I'm not sure I can explain adequately.

Without the article, you're talking about her role or profession. With the article, it's more like describing her or saying that she's one of those who are scientists.

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