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I am able to do the Japanese course already even though it's still hatching?

I don't understand this, the weirdest thing is that I CAN access the course from my phone but I CAN't access the course from my computer. Is this a bug or did I accidentally become a beta tester?

July 25, 2017



It's not a bug, it just has not been released yet on the web interface.


I see. Does this mean that other languages which on the web have not hatched yet are available through the app?


Japanese is in a limited beta release right now via only Android and ios apps. Not all languages are beta released that way. For instance, High Valyrian is only available in beta on the website, I believe.


I am grateful for you and your team that the Japanese course is finally on Duolingo; unfortunately, I have to settle with the desktop internet since mobile rates here are high. So, if I may ask, is there any news about the web release date? I'm just simply curious.


I don't think so. However, Japanese has become available on iOS and Android during beta.

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