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"I have not done the homework yet."

Translation:Я ще не зробила домашнє завдання.

July 25, 2017



English word 'done' has no gender but ukrainian does So both answers 'зробив' and 'зробила' are correct, but programm counts only one of them


Wouldn't be only завдання without домашнє also be correct for homework?


Завдання means "task", more general. For example, you can have a завдання at work, or your mom can give you one.


two questions - 1. why do the verbs in this unit have з at the start - зробила instead of робила ? 2. why isn't it OK to put ще at the end of the sentence? Isn't this more accurately translated as 'I have not yet done the homework?' OK that was 3 questions.....lol

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