"She hears us."

Translation:Αυτή μας ακούει.

July 25, 2017


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I wrote 'Aυτή ακούει μας', but instead the answer was 'Αυτή ακούει εμάς'. I don't remember this being taught in the lessons. When do you use 'εμας' as opposed to 'μας'? And would 'Aυτή μας ακούει' be correct also?

July 25, 2017


1st person singular: με/εμένα 2nd person singular: σε/εσένα 3rd person singular: τον/αυτόν - την/αυτήν - το/αυτό 1st person plural: μας/εμάς 2nd person plural: σας/εσάς 3rd person plural: τους/αυτούς - τις/αυτές - τα/αυτά

Αυτή μας ακούει=Αυτή ακούει εμάς You could also say "Αυτή εμάς ακούει", but it is bit awkward in written language most of the time. Orally, however, it is often used when the speaker emphasizes on the object of the action: "It is us that she hears"

In general, it's better to put the shorter forms before the verb, at least it's safer when the sentence is in written form. The opposite goes for the longer forms, which are more often put after the verb, at least in written form. Using the shorter forms is more often if no emphasis on the object is intended.

Another example: He makes fun of me= Αυτός με κοροϊδεύει=Αυτός κοροϊδεύει εμένα

July 25, 2017
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