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Next language to learn?


I'm a native Spanish speaker. I have a C2 Level Certificate in English and an A2 Level Certificate in German. Regarding French, I would consider myself to be around a B1 level.

I don't often practice my French since I'm not that interested in the language anymore. I simply try not to forget everything I've learned, but I'm not currently looking into getting to a higher level.

I am now mainly focusing on my German. I'll be starting a German-Russian degree in September, which means I'll be studying both languages for at least 4 years. I don't speak any Russian yet, but I know it'll be taught from scratch, so I'm not including it in my to-learn list. However, I wanted to study an additional language -even if it's only a bit of a summer activity. I've always been drawn to Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and, to a fewer extent, Turkish. I just don't know which one I should pick next.

Considering I could end up mixing German with Dutch, I'm thinking of leaving that one aside by now. I'm also afraid of starting with Polish because of grammatical cases -German and Russian are already hard enough in that sense for me to be adding more complicated stuff to my language learning process. I wouldn't mind learning Dutch or Polish, though -I just think this may not be the perfect time for neither of them.

I guess that leaves me with the Scandinavian languages and Turkish, which is so different from everything else that I might give it a try, although it is the least interesting one for me. Besides, I can't decide between Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

I'd really appreciate any advice, insight or opinion to help me choose the language I'll learn next :)

And thanks for reading if you got this far -I know it was a long one lol!

1 year ago