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Are there any languages that dont have an english course but can be learned on Duolingo?

For example, is there a Chinese course for Spanish speakers even though there isn't one for English speakers?

Basically, are there any courses that English speakers cant learn but other languages can?

July 25, 2017



Yep. Catalan and Guarani for Spanish speakers.


I believe those are the only two, correct?


There's Catalan and Guarani for Spanish speakers. Those two are not available for English speakers.


There's also English which can be learnt from several languages but not from English. Some people have asked for such a course but it doesn't really fit to the Duo method.


Apart from the languages already mentioned there are also quite a few languages from which it is possible to learn English, but not the other way around. This is the case for many big languages such as Chinese and Arabic. I have played around with it a bit lately and at least for the first few skills it can be quite fun and about as useful as learning in the right direction. As it is assumed that you know Chinese, but not English, some questions will be very hard and some questions very easy, but over all it is the same difficulty.

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