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Duolingo raises $25 million at $700 million valuation as the platform hits 200 million users

Duolingo, the online language-learning platform, has raised $25 million in a series E round of funding led by Drive Capital.

The funding takes Duolingo’s total equity financing to around $108 million, and the company said that it’s now valued at $700 million.


July 25, 2017



Now they have more money for better features :D


With a fresh $25 million in the bag, Duolingo said that it plans to expedite its hiring and product development plans, and by the end of 2018 it aims to grow its headcount by almost double, from 80 to 150 employees.

So with nearly twice as many employees, hopefully that includes lots of engineers who can work on improving existing features, bringing back ones that were lost in the website re-write, and creating shiny new ones!


Ooh, 25 million monthly users, and Chinese is coming soon (not "the Duolingo kind of soon" but actually "~6 months" soon).

Thanks to both of you for the links!


Congratulations, Duolingo! Thanks for keeping this free!

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