"Kepi muñī sȳri issi."

Translation:The fathers and the mothers are good.

July 25, 2017



"they are good fathers and mothers" is marked as wrong. What would that be?

July 25, 2017


It'd be "sȳri kepi muñī issi"

July 26, 2017


Ponta sȳri kepi muñī issi. ("They are good fathers and mothers")

The words "sȳri kepi muñī" are in the nominative case instead of the accusative case, because "issi" is as an equative copula, and so "kepi muñi" act as predicate nouns / predicate nominatives.

June 23, 2018


How do you use the accents? I wrote muñi instead of muñī, and it was marked wrong.

July 30, 2017


"ī" is a long i while "i" is a short i, so it makes a difference which one you choose. In this particular case, the lengthening of the last vowel in "muñi" to "muñī" indicates that there's an implicit "and" between "kepi" and "muñi".

In other words, if you wrote "muñi" here instead of "muñī", in effect you answered "the fathers the mothers are good" which is not a correct sentence.

July 30, 2017


the pronunciation would be different

January 26, 2018


How do you pronouce y with the accent and how do you write the y with the accent?

June 16, 2018


The y in High Valyrian is pronounced like the German ü, which the best explanation I heard as to how to pronounce it is to make an "i" noise, with your lips rounded as if making a "u" noise. ȳ is the same, just longer. As to how to write it, in Duolingo you can type "yy" and it will parse it as "ȳ". Same for the other long vowels.

July 23, 2018


In Ubuntu, if you turn on "Compose Key" using Ubuntu Tweaks package, you can do a typical key combo of (RA=Right-Alt key) RA,Dash,i and get a ī, RA-shift-tilde-n to get the ñ. Other than installing the tweaks package (which extends standard default settings changes), the process is pretty intuitive an simple.

In windows it's a bit different, and in my experience more onerous. https://www.johndcook.com/blog/2008/08/17/three-ways-to-enter-unicode-characters-in-windows/

Mac, I am not so sure, but I would wager it's simpler than Windows.

There is also this site too.. more steps with copy paste included however works with all platforms (Windows, Linux or Mac) and in any site that allows unicode in postings (such as FB and Twitter). https://yaytext.com/tiny-text/

June 24, 2019


And how do you pronounce ñ?

August 29, 2018


"ni", like in the word "onion"

August 29, 2018


I just watched a video about it, and they pronounced it "nya", like in the word "Piñata"

August 29, 2018


Notice the "a" in Piñata [ na ] versus the i (or ī) in muñi [ ni ]. All i's in Valyrian are pronounced as "ee" and never like "I" [eye].

June 24, 2019


I put "The mothers and the fathers are good." And it said i was wrong

December 26, 2018


It is the wrong way round, it should be the fathers and the mothers

April 2, 2019


how can you understand the differences between plural and singular for exc. girls and girl or father and fathers

April 19, 2019


Im not able to do the listening exercises

April 25, 2019
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