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"Where is Harajuku's train station?"


July 25, 2017



Why not just ~どこですか?


Either would be fine in an actual conversation. どこにありますか sounds a bit more polite, kind of like saying "Where is [x] located?" rather than just "Where is [x]?"


It's accepted now.


Wasn't for me


Sorry, I should have copy and pasted my entire answer and we could see if there was another difference. If you remember your entire answer, it would be helpful to post it.


Surprisingly, it is in Harajuku!!! :P


In informal sprach/everyday Japanese, 原宿駅はどこis largely used. Yet it was graded wrong by duolingo. I must say I am really confused by the inconsistencies in politeness most of the times. While still asking for the full verb at the end, they don't use a lot of onorifics that became standard language...


Generally people don't say 秋葉原の駅 they say 秋葉原駅 and this should be correct. Now, I'm not Japanese, but I am N1, and I did spend 10 years in Japan, and I did go to Akihabara a LOT for work, so I'm pretty confident about this.


This is the thread for "Harajuku" not "Akihabara", so I think that might be what's going on here.


It didn't accept 原宿駅はどちらですか hnnnnng that's okay I reported it.


Your answer sounds more normal, but I think the issue is with the phrase "Harajuku's station". The speaker is trying to convey that they're looking for a station in Harajuku that is not necessarily Harajuku Station. It could also be Meiji-jingumae Station. I don't know that the English used actually conveys that well, but I think everyone would just call 原宿駅 "Harajuku Station".


秋葉原駅はどこですか Why is this wrong? grrrr......


You should accept the kanji for all answers before you take the course out of beta.

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