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  5. "As-tu fini le livre ?"

"As-tu fini le livre ?"

Translation:Are you through with the book?

March 8, 2013



Why can't I put "Did you finish the book?"


In my opinion, your answer is correct and Duo's is wrong. "Are you through with the book?" better translates to "As-tu fini avec le livre?". Are you through with the book doesn't have anything to do with being finished the book, just that you aren't using it now and someone wants to borrow it. As-tu fini le livre is definitely asking if you've finished (reading) the book.


i confirm what hohenems said, as-tu fini le livre ? is definitely a correct answer.


Tu veux dire "Did you finish the book?" est une bonne réponse, non? ;)


hohnems is so right pfeil

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