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"Ihr werdet euch morgen melden."

Translation:You will report tomorrow.

March 26, 2014



I translated as "You will report yourselves tomorrow." Can someone explain why that's wrong? Thanks! x


My guess is that it is about how it is said in english. The German sentence would mean: "you will go somewhere tomorrow and notify others that you are present" as in for duty, to the principal, your work etc. Maybe "you will report yourselves" sounds too much like "you will turn yourself in". Though I think that translation would fit this sentence too.


That explanation makes sense, but the English translation is not natural. We would include some kind of object: "You will report for duty" or "you will report to work." We wouldn't usually say "You will report."

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Unless there is a context to the exchange.


"Yourselves" is not needed in English to express the intended idea; many of these verbs require the reflexive in German, but not in English. Most of the exercises in this unit can be translated into English without the use of English reflexive pronouns.


I too would like to know if/why that is wrong. I'm assuming that the original isn't meaning you will give your report tomorrow, but more along the lines of you will report for duty tomorrow, right? Not right?



i thought melden without being reflexive meant Report , but there is Euch so it is reflexive , shouldn't it mean Get in touch then ?


I think they mean the report as in "shall we come in tomorrow?" "You will report tomorrow". The "report for duty" or "turn up" kind of report.


The answer "You will get in touch tomorrow" is accepted.


Is "euch" needed here?


I was tempted to write "check in" or "get in touch" but feared rejection...


I wondered so I tried both:) "get in touch" works, "check in" does not

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