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Czech This Week!

Who else in this awesome community is excited for Saturday!? Finally! After waiting for two whole years Duolingo will be launching their Czech language program! ☺ I AM SO BEYOND EXCITED! what about you?

July 25, 2017



Their last update:


3 weeks ago

It looks like we are going to need until the end of July before we are ready to lock the course and hand it over to Duolingo. This probably means the start of beta in August.


I'm going crazy waiting for Czech. :p


hahahahah welcome to my world xD


I am sooo excited, It's going to be released the same day of my country's Independence, Perú


oh wow! Saludos! La unica gente Peruana que yo conosco, es una familia que vende joyeria de alli. Es tan bello todas las artesanias que traen de su pais! perdon por como escribi, no se como poner acentos en la compu xD normalmente siempre estoy en duolingo con mi iPad y alli si me da opcion de usar los acentos.


Eso es verdad, hay muchas cosas bonitas en Perú además de las artesanías, tenemos una de las mejores gastronomías, tenemos diversos paisajes, lugares turísticos, maravillas naturales y arquitectónicas, ruinas arqueológicas, etc.


As others have pointed out, 29th is the day the makers expect to lock the tree for staff inspection and whatever else is needed, not the day it's coming out. Moreover, because it's Saturday, a day off for most people, the staff probably won't start doing their part until Monday, much less release the course. I seriously doubt they have ever launched a course on Saturday. They didn't even want to release the Swedish on Friday because there would've been nobody in the office to take care of unforeseen problems.


Ano, it's exciting! Czech is one of my favorite Slavic languages (Ukrainian is the other one)

[deactivated user]

    I am excited ! I have seen the Czech course update was like : 99% - 100% - 99% - 98% - 95%...... I waited for a whole year ! :)

    Plus, is anyone excited for September ? Maybe Duolingo will launch the Klingon and Korean course !


    I'm indeed excited for Korean, because the team really expects to be done by the mid of August.

    For Klingon you will have to wait a bit, because in their latest update they expect to start alpha testing in August and hopefully release into beta in September.


    So I guess you never actually read any of the updates written by the course mod? Including those where he explained why Duo's percentages are sheer and utter trumpery?

    [deactivated user]

      i do. but i still believe it.


      HAHAHAHAHAH XD oh my goodness you made me laugh so hard when I saw this! that was precisely my reaction I believe last year? I was so pumped to begin learning it and then percentage went down xD


      I am pretty excited!


      Is it also on mobile?

      [deactivated user]

        Hey ! the Czech course's last update : 100% done ! it seems that Duolingo will be launching their Czech course on time ( 7/29 ). :P


        Latest estimated release date is 8 April 2024. Clearly some sort of joke....

        [deactivated user]

          oh no !! it is ok. still Korean and Klingon to learn ... :P


          it is a very hard language with seven cases


          I'm super excited. I went on holiday to the Czech Republic last week and I really hoped they would release the course before my holiday but unfortunately not. Well, luckily I just used memrise instead to learn some bits of the languages and I got on pretty well with the language. Of course I couldn't have anything near a good conversation, but I could make myself clear and order train tickets, for example. It motivated me even more to learn the language better, which I hope to do when the Duo course is out.
          Everyone who's going to learn it: good luck and have fun :)

          PS: I've also been doing some levels of the English for Czech speakers course, which actually helped with the basics, but it's also quite hard and confusing because you don't get the grammar explained.


          Latest estimated release date is 8 April 2024. Clearly some sort of joke....

          [deactivated user]

            now it is 9/1 in 2017.

            [deactivated user]

              the course is locked ?

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