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" ấy rất linh hoạt ấy một thư ký."

Translation:She is very flexible because she is a secretary.

July 26, 2017



I was thinking of "flexible" like a gymnast, and now I'm imagining a secretary contorting herself into weird positions to reach the telephone.


Does "linh hoạt" also mean flexible like a gymnast? All the sentences here refer to the more abstract meaning of flexibility, more like "adaptability".


i suppose it means both, for it does in Chinese


It's not a mistake; it'sa perfectly valid notion. Did you ever entertain the idea of flexibility being an ability to adopt, adapt, and improve in a workplace scenario and that this exercise simply presupposes a secretary's ability to do so, irrespective of his or her physical dexterity or acrobaticism? Again, your mind went there.


Yes, my mind went there. That's why I commented.

There is a broad pattern of questionably sexist and explicitly aggressive content in some of the learning material. For example, questionably sexist: so far secretaries in Duolingo sentences have only been women. Explicitly aggressive: the sentence "she's a little ugly, but not bad." I could point out many more examples.

If I had to reach far to make the point I wouldn't make it, but since the case is right there I've shared what I've seen. We have the most constructive community here when everyone participates.


You wrote "so far secretaries in Duolingo sentences have only been women"

The below statement is from an earlier excercise

"Anh trai của tôi là thư ký."



because 95% of secretaries are women.


Scott, You should wear more masks so the world will not offend you so much


very "agile" duoc khong nhi ?


Chắc chắn không ai dùng từ Linh hoạt nhé. :))

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