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"Do you not like scary movies?"


July 26, 2017



so ... いや is refering to 嫌


2020.5.4 Seems so, but いや is usually written in hiragana or katakana, イヤ

[deactivated user]

    I don't understand why duolingo is using いや for dislike, when that is one of the more severe words for expressing distaste for something. I personally associate the word as something closer to the English word "repugnant" rather than dislike (好きじゃない)。


    What does いや mean? It's come up in my review and I never got a question with this word...


    2020.5.4 いや「な」 in practice is used to say 'no' when you don't want to do something, or don't want something being offered.

    "No, I don't want it." "No, I don't want to do it."

    コーラはどう?イヤだ。 How about cola? No.

    勉強しなさい!イヤだ。 Study! No.

    On the flip side you can use it to ask if it's "not fine\not okay\disagreeable with you"

    すしはイヤですか? Is sushi not good with you?

    運転してもらうのはイヤですか? Would it not be okay if I have you drive? Is it bad if I have you drive?

    So,怖い映画はイヤですか? could be a person trying to decide what kind of movie to watch with a friend. The person could ask the friend like that.

    Is a scary movie bad for you? Are scary movies a 'no'?

    Then イヤな is also a noun adjective too.

    イヤなおねがい a request I don't wanna do a horrible request

    イヤな朝ご飯 a breakfast I don't wanna eat a horrible breakfast

    Hope this is a bit helpful


    Since the question seems to be a reaction to something that was said, i answered "いやんですか" instead of "いやですか". Was it wrong?


    'いやん' is casual spoken word. '〜ですか' is a neat form. Like that conbination is strange.

    Especialy it is strange a man use. : )

    (And I think a reaction will occuar 'after' this question.)


    If you want to use ん here, it would be いやなんですか。


    怖い映画は好きではありませんか? not accepted, even though surely it's the exact way to ask this. The given translation I would think means more like "Do you dislike/hate scary movies"? I don't like scary movies, but it doesn't mean I dislike them...

    Edit: even weirder, it accepts the casual form of this 怖い映画は好きじゃない?


    Well, this is new...when I type "怖い映画は好きじゃないですか?" I'm rejected for not including "きみは"....if the 'you' is not understood here, who exactly would I be addressing? Is this someone's way of making it super clear of how informal ”好きじゃない" is?


    怖い映画は嫌ですか is not accepted. WHY?


    Accepted when i did it


    Might be a difference between listening and translation asks. Listening tasks ban a lot more sentences.


    Shouldn't 「好きじゃない」 or 「好きではありません」 be acceptable as well? Aren't these closer to "not like" than 「嫌」, which, I think, expresses a much stronger feeling?


    This is bothering me too. Seeing the english translation of "not like" really makes me want to use 好きじゃない instead of 嫌.


    "怖い映画が嫌ですか" wasn't accepted. Am I right to suppose this is not a grammatical issue ?


    It didn't accept for me either, but I feel it should be correct. The subject is "You". (君は)怖い映画が嫌ですか should be right.


    I have 2 confuse in this sentence : First : i think "Don't you like scary movie?" Or both are right? Second : where is "not" in the answer?(Dewanai/janai)


    Second: いや (嫌) is a na-adjective meaning 'detestable, unpleasant, undesirable' and it's used for things that you're reluctant to see/touch/hear.

    I guess they use a negative question in the translation because English language has limited means to convey the meaning of いや, or they would sound unnatural, such as "Are scary movies unpleasant to you?"


    Is this okay? 怖い映画が好きじゃないの?


    I would think it should be


    Yes no?! Whaat? Erm .. Is that like.. Dislike?

    [deactivated user]

      Acording to dictionary: "disagreeable, detestable, unpleasant, reluctant"


      Can I use 怖い映画'を'嫌ですか ?? If I can't , would you explain why ??


      When is it pronounced "iya" いや or "kirai" きら.い? They're both Kunyomi so I don't know how you'd choose the pronunciation?


      What on earth does いやですか mean? This is not teaching me, duo, it's literally throwing random phrases at me. Totally pointless!


      Why are "ga" and "wa" both used next to each other? If scary movie is the object, shouldn't it just be "ga"?


      Movie or movies are 映画(えいが). This is one word. The last letter 'が' is not a particle. :)

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