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The wait was worth it!! Thanks Duo team!!

I hadn't been on DuoLingo in a while but about a month ago I received the email that the Japanese course was available.

I really enjoyed learning Italian on Duo in the past but for some reason struggled to stick with it. Learning Japanese on the other hand is going much better. Partly this is probably because Japanese is a language I am more interested in learning.

The biggest factor though is the way the course is set up and all the improvements that have been made to the app. Focusing on maintaining a streak, not being prevented from completing new lessons due to lack of health and several other changes have made a big difference.

Also the TinyCards app has been a great tool for learning the written language.

Very excited to see how long I can maintain my streak!!

July 26, 2017



Ah yes! I saw the email and practically jumped up and down. I was learning German when I was 7 or 8, and had fun although the health was keeping me down and it didn't stick either. I actually have a course at highschool now for it, and duolingo is helping me so much! Good luck with learning Nihongo, and thanks duolingo team!

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