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Need Help Preparing For France Vacation

I am traveling to France and I want to know how much French I should learn. Also what are the most common and essential phrases to know when traveling there? I want to make sure that when I go there I can get around with ease and not have to worry about not being able to answer someone's question. Also are there any shops or monuments that I should go to? Thanks for your help, Doulingo_Rocks

July 26, 2017



It depends where you are going in France. I am French, so I can give you some help if you tell me where you are going.


I don't know much about France or French, but have fun there! Xx


We were in Paris a few months ago, where English is understood widely. I nonetheless tried to speak French at every opportunity, and the attempt was always well-received. I got by mostly with:


s'il vous plait


au revoir



excusez moi

ou est le toilette

je veux aller au ___ (cab to Gare du Nord, etc.)

Have fun!


Thanks for all your help! Also to answer thecupcakefarmer I will be going to Paris, I'm not sure but I also may go to London.

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