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My first 7 days.

Hallo, Leute!

I've been learning German for 7 days now. Started from scratch and now I'm level 8. In two years I'll be going to a University in Germany and I'm hoping I'll achieve enough fluency by then.

My experience with Duolingo is positive so far. It's my main tool along with YouTube. I tried ConversationExchange, Italki and Mylanguages.org and I haven't had a good experience with them. Maybe I've been using them wrong or they just aren't for me?

Like any new, naïve and optimistic German learner I struggle with memorizing the grammatical genders. So if you have any tips for that, please drop them in the comments.

EDIT: I failed to mention that my high school offers German lessons and I signed up for those as well. So starting October I'll get 3 hours a week of German classes.

PS. Are lingots completely useless? There's nothing on the store that I want to buy.

July 26, 2017



Hello! I started to study german some years ago, I intend to live in Switzerland and my family is from German origin. I recommend you to use flashcards.


German has a lot of vocabulary. Studying Duolingo is not enough for you to go to Germany. You need to learn a lot. However, not all curriculums are effective. You need to find the best method for yourself. Never give up!

Lingots are not useless (I think so..) Not in this course. In my course (Learning English for Vietnamese speakers), people use them for playing games. Maybe people give them for someone who needs lingots. Lingots can buy Streak Freeze (very important), let's buy it if you dont want to lost your streak!


I'm aware of the fact that Duolingo is not enough. So my plan is to finish the tree and start watching German Youtubers and listening to German lyrics. Do you think It's enough?

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Hi. I'd encourage you to keep trying Conversation Exchange. I had a great experience there. The thing is the website only connects you. If you don't have good conversations with the individual you're writing, there is no program to fix that. If you meet the right people, I think it'd be great. A Moroccan woman writes me in French. Of course, she speaks English. :) I'd write in Japanese, but her Japanese isn't conversation level. If you really started from scratch, I don't know how much you can have an interesting conversation. It may be a good challenge after you get to a certain point in Duolingo. You can see my levels here, but I couldn't do something similar in German, but I learned very little German outside of Duolingo, so my actual level is significantly lower than many people with level 17. :)


Welcome to DuoLingo! I found the Hammer Grammar series on YouTube especially helpful when learning German. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fCGQa2PY7CDJkKsRiYNC-7XxiU4I10f

Best wishes in your studies now and in Germany!


Mein Herzlichen Glückwuch!


Somme useful stuff you could buy with lingots:

-Streak freeze (in the case you can't log in any day)

-Timed practice (this is a very useful challenge in my opinion, since you only have to buy it once und then you can practice with a timer everytime you want to strengthen any skill)

I also suspect that only the Duolingo German course is not enough to be a nice German speaker, but for helping it, outside resources are very useful. In my case I have only listened to some German music (particularly, military marches), but my opinion holds [that] a nice way to improve one's German is by speaking with a native speaker (I have the opportunity to do so although I don't deem myself ready to do so yet)

I hope this feedback is useful


I kind of developped an addiction for Duolingo. I use it everyday for 1 hour or so. I don't need a freeze streak so far.

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Learning on Duolingo during summer will give you a great advantage for the school classes you are about to take. You will have the vocabulary down and can concentrate on the grammar and ask your teacher the right questions.

I had this experience here that only after finishing the tree I felt like I learned enough to continue with other resources. If you will want to practice/expand your vocabulary later I would recommend www.lingvist.com . Also Deutsche Welle has great programms for learners and of course YouTube. Reading on internet (like Wikipedia in German or any other German page) or picking up a book can help a lot. Just like in your own language though it has to be something that will hold your interest. Same goes for videos/shows/movies/documentaries.

Later you may want to consider getting a good grammar book, but you should see first how your school classes are gonna go and how sofisticated they are gonna be. Maybe they will be enough.

Do you know what kind of level in German you'll need for German university (like A2 or B1 etc...)? That would give you a better idea of how much you have to put into this in next two years, also people here could help you with specific suggestions (but that's probably for a later time).


I need a B1 certificat. Also, thanks for the tips

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B1 should be achievable in 2 years no problem. If you go through the tree here, do school classes, watch YouTube/TV, read a bit, you should be good. Going through a grammar book wouldn't hurt. Finding a penpal from Germany is also advisable and very helpful :-) Good luck and happy learning.


Thanks a lot! I hope you excel in your French lessons. Le français est magnifique :)

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Thank you :-)

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