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  5. "Ele nu sunt împreună cu el."

"Ele nu sunt împreună cu el."

Translation:They are not with him.

July 26, 2017



What is tue purpose of having -îmreună- in the sentence? I dont remember seening this word before


Maybe just to emphasise on the fact that they were together.


Why is 'they are not together with him' not correct here. Fetele sunt impreuna cu mama lor was translated as 'the girls are together with their mother'


Somewhere in this chat I read explanation by native romanian speaker that "impreuna" just forse the fact that they are together or that first person is exactly with the second


Look at Shireley's response. Here is said sentence https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30164977
It's confusing, one time translating it to "togheter with" and the other time mark the same thing as wrong. The question remains, when to translate it to togheter with, (along with) or just with ?
Take a look at the this link https://en.bab.la/dictionary/romanian-english/%C3%AEmpreun%C4%83-cu

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