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  5. "Isto é um sanduíche."

"Isto é um sanduíche."

Translation:This is a sandwich.

March 26, 2014



The audio sounds like "isso" instead of "isto".


I am brazilian and i agree with you


Yes,. and you have to go to Turtle to here isto


le locuteur dit "isso" dans la version rapide et "isto" dans la version lente !!!


When is it not necessary for isto, isso, etc, to agree with the gender of the noun? I would have guessed that this was "Este e um sanduiche".


The demonstrative pronouns "isto/isso/aquilo" are neutral. The reason "isto" rather than "este" is used in this sentence is probably because it was meant to be the answer to a question like "O que é isto?" which is one way to ask "What is this?" when you don't know anything about the thing you are asking about. For example, the sandwich could have been in a paper bag and you couldn't tell that it was a sandwich (and therefore a masculine thing) initially.


OK, so if I was responding to the neutral question, and knew that 'this' was a sandwich, is one way more proper than the other? I realize that the meaning would be obvious to the hearer regardless, but I'm curious.


Isto/isso/aquilo are stand-alone words. They substitute nouns.
Este/esse/aquele (and inflections) are pointing-to words. They point to something.

You can say "isto" or "este sanduíche", but never "isto sanduíche".

Saying "isto é um sanduíche" = "this is a sandwich" = "it is a sandwich".
Saying "este é um sanduíche" sounds like "este (hidden noun) é um sanduíche" = "this one is a sandwich"


Thanks Dan. You're the man! And Paulo. He's the man too. You guys are the unstoppable duo of duolingo, clearing up Portuguese misunderstanding for us mere peasants.


I'm sorry, I'm not a native speaker, but I guess if I was answering a question like "O que é isto?" I would answer with "isto" because although translated as "this" here, it is just as likely to be translated as "it". To me the choice is not between "this" (masculine) and "this" (neutral) it is between "this" and "it": You: "What is this?"; Me: "It is a sandwich".


I thought Isto was for unknown "this's" (!) So I answered "this thing is a sandwich" and was marked wrong. Should I have been?


It should've been accepted.

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