"I go toward the man."

March 8, 2013


Why is it 'vado verso l'uomo' but 'vado verso di lui'?

June 7, 2013

I think because there is a difference between a "him" and a "man" - I'm not sure I got it straight enouh - But I think that has something to do with who are you talking about..

June 23, 2013

Is 'ad' not valid here?

March 8, 2013

Could you please write the whole sentence? I don't get what you want to substitute with "ad".

It's probably a mistake, but maybe not! :)

March 8, 2013

"Io vado verso l'uomo" > "Io vado ad l'uomo". Is the second one correct?

March 8, 2013

No. Not even "Io vado all'uomo". It doesn't mean anything in italian.

Io vado verso l'uomo, Io vado dall'uomo, Io vado in direzione dell'uomo

mean all more or less the same thing, but "verso" is the best translation for toward.

March 9, 2013
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