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Japanese Golden Owl Hall of Fame

I got this idea from the thread Polish Golden Owl of Fame and I think, Japanese may be worth the same. I hope, it is ok for the user alukasiak, that I use his idea and his first words for this thread also (if not, please tell).

Finishing a skill tree takes a lot of work... especially when you're learning Japanese, because it is very hard to master and read the complex writing system.

Few have managed to achieve the extraordinary feat of getting the Japanese Golden Owl. Are you one of them? This is the place to brag about it!

Just leave a comment in this thread to let me know that I should add you.

Japanese Golden Owl holders (27):

July 26, 2017



I finished the tree! The Japanese language is fantastic!


Damn and got Japanese to level 25. I am jealous. I need to start getting my act together.


Ora ora se não é o mito do aprendizado das línguas xD


Sure, why not? Owl captured about 2 weeks ago. Quite the slog.


Indeed - not so much getting the owl itself, but keeping the }#%^ tree golden. If duolingo defines 50xp / day as "insane", getting and maintaining the golden tree required triple and quadruple levels of insanity. Things have calmed down some but 50 xp / day still isn't enough.


A nice idea. I have a cute japanese golden owl as a pet for four weeks now. But it only lets me pet it if the tree is completely gold. So I do 50 xp a day to keep my cutie happy


Congrats! Are you the famous Rhabarberbarbara? :D


Pet? How so?


I achieved my Japanese Golden Owl several month ago directly after the course was available in a very short time, where I could use the Japanese course on the web. This possibility was taken away by the Duolingo team, since then I keep the tree completely and instantly gold with the app version. I posted my story here.

In the meanwhile I am on my way to finish the reverse tree also, I am now halfway of the last section, but in this tree only the first 3 1/2 sections are gold, because I am working only less time on this tree and I also use the shortcuts to finish the circles. Maybe I´ll try to get and keep this tree gold in the future also, we will see.


I reached the end of the Japanese tree on the 14th May (four days before it released on iOS)... However, they hadn't actually added the owl to the bottom of the tree at that time!

I eventually received a notification on 24th May (ten days after I'd completed the tree), congratulating me on having finished the tree as if it had only just happened... :P

But the owl I got was a green owl. Is the golden owl something different?

I didn't use the placement test feature (which wasn't working on web for me anyway), so it's been hard to keep up with the rapidly decaying parts of the tree. I haven't managed to have the whole tree gold at the same time yet. Do you have to turn your whole tree gold to get the golden owl?

** Edit **
Is there a way to make embedded images smaller, like a thumbnail to the full size thing? -.-


I could only begin the tree on the web version and I took the placement test, If I remember myself correctly. But I had to finish the Japanese tree on my mobile device, because the the web version suddenly disappeared from my account. The golden owl on my mobile device looks like all the other ones.

I turned the whole tree gold since the beginning and keep the whole tree gold over the wohle time as I described before. Actually there are three circles decayed (after some lazy days ;-) ) and it´ll need 3 or 4 strengthen exercises (15-20 minutes) to get them and the whole tree gold again. So not much work for me.

Btw: How did you took a screenshot of your whole tree?

Edit: It needed 3 strengthen exercises and 10 Minutes ;-)


I did everything on the iOS app. There was no placement test, I didn't opt out of anything, and I worked like a dawg to try to get / keep everything golden (I'm Level 16 for a reason).

Right now, it would still take about 80 XP / day but I'm taking it a bit slower at the moment.

But you can add me to the list - got my golden owl about two or three weeks ago. (Edit: just saw that I was bragging on WhatsApp July 4, the first time I had the tree golden in its entirety, so Gold Owl must have been before that.)


But the owl I got was a green owl. Is the golden owl something different?

I'm sure there will be a much more trophy-looking like owl (the one from the app, presumably) when the course is at long last fully accessible on the web. For the moment, on the web mine is green, too.


I just got mine today!

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