My wife and I are both doing Duolingo french. She is further ahead than me, but her fluency rating is 16% while mine is (supposedly!) 44% . Can someone explain why this is please?

July 26, 2017


Duolingo does not know how to count. Duolingo is very strong in languages, but in mathematics, oh my god ! Duolingo is not worth a scrap!

The fluency meter is designed to encourage learners, but it is quantitatively worthless.
  • Duolingo's Fluency % is unreliable.
    Recently appeared that the Duolingo staff had manipulated this "fluency %" for testing purposes (
    You and your wife might be in two different Duolingo test groups.
    That is why I only use the decrease of fluency % as a warning. When the % is decreasing, I do too few lessons or strengthen in the web version of Duolingo.

  • Duolingo's fluency % is a nonsense number.
    It says nothing about your fluency in the real world.
    But when I use Duolingo's web version (, I see Duolingo's Fluency % much faster increasing than in the App. That is because you learn much more from typing the answers than from choosing predefined words.

  • Duolingo will only bring you to an A2/B1 skill level in reading/writing and A1 (maybe A2) in listening/talking.
    Info about language levels:
    Read from "Common reference levels".

However, I think Duolingo's courses are excellent.
Just enjoy the courses and don't worry about Duolingo's fluency %.

It would seem the general opinion is that the "Fluency" indicator is a bit of a gimmick and not to be taken too seriously. My wife will be pleased about that. Of course, if I really was 44% fluent, I would be writing this in French!

She isn't practicing the old lessons.

Actually she is. She catches up on them daily, but doesn't seem to move forward with the fluency.

I find the fluency score confusing also. I was at 54% for nearly a year, then it suddenly fell to 44%, it slowly crept up to 46% and then jumped back down to 44%. I despair!!!

You get fluency if you strengthen a lot, it doesn't mean that if you are further ahead that you strengthen more.

I sort of agree with MiriamPitt5. Do you do more 'Strengthen' than your wife? I think I'm gaining fluency number when I do the 'Strengthen.'

Hi mike,

I assume that the repetition exercise intensity is important for calculating Fluency. If lerns someone who has a very good memory or previous knowledge. He does not need to repeat so much, and his percentage of Fluency will be lower.


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