Hello, I have been doing duo lingo for a few days now and I seem just to be going round and round in circles and not progressing. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?/

July 26, 2017


Sometimes there's a problem with duolingo if to much people do it at the same time.

How many units have you completed? Which ones?

I am really not sure. I only started last week.

When you click on the "home" button, you can see the units you have completed.

basics 1 / basics 2 / phrases / food / animals / adject 1 / plurals ???

On my home page under French Skills - it has Level 3. When I go into 'Strengthen skills' it is all the same sentences and words every day. I don't seem to progress.

Hello, It's normal, the "strength skills" learn you only what you have already learned ! You need to pick up in the "learning" tree at least one "colored" circle to learn it... (the grayed ones are accessible if you haven't passed the previous lesson) Cheers

Which units are completed? Gilded? Do you see grey units that you not have started ?

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