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"La colțul străzii este un bărbat înalt."

Translation:At the corner of the street there is a tall man.

July 26, 2017



How would the sentence be if it was "the streets", not "the street"? Would it be "la colțul străzilor..."?


"There is a tall man at the street corner" or possibly "There is a tall man at the corner of the street" would be english. The suggested translation is not.


i wrote : A tall man is at the corner of the street.
Is that wrong?
Duo refused!
Is that not English?


where do i find the rules for plural ? how comes that strada makes strazi ?


A funny article about the Romanian plural here


Sometimes there are three "iii"s. I also need to understand rules for using plural.


In context, if you were pointing someone out, you would probably say 'at the corner of the street (drawing their eye there) there is a tall man. However if you were talking about a cafe or bank or some other fixed object you would be more likely to say 'the cafe is at the corner of the street' although you may say ' you know the corner of the street coming from the station and going to the river, there is a cafe - I'll meet you there.' Context is important as directions tend to be different to statements of fact - it is unlikely that a tall man would permanently at the corner of a street

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