The voice

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I really wish they would bring back the male voice in the French programme. He's so much easier to understand! They should have continued to have both the male and female voices.

July 26, 2017


Duolingo has had trouble with the French robo-voices. People complained about the female voice, so they added the male voice. I thought the latter sounded like Uncle Jules (proven├žal accent) from Pagnol's My Father's Glory. He over-enunciated and even mispronounced some words. So then, people complained about that.

Hopefully, they'll find a replacement. The female voice is probably much closer to how people actually speak than the male voice. That voice was unusually slow. In the meantime, the only thing I could suggest is to use the slow turtle button, but no doubt you know that already.

[deactivated user]

    I would like it if they threw in a bunch of accents. Congolese, Belgian, Cajun, Canadian, etc.

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