for everyone who wants to learn arabic

'Arabic is important as any other language' I'm glad to know that there's so many people want to learn arabic

arabic alphabet is written from right to left in a cursive style and includes 28 letters, Some Arabic letters also change form depending on where they are placed in a word (beginning, middle, end, or standalone)

Here is some sites where you can learn the arabic alphabet and some other important basics it's not the best site but it's good for beginners

another site but it's not free


July 26, 2017


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I don't have the wish to learn Arabic right now, but a few months ago I found a youtube video in which the alphabet is explained in 6 lessons. I liked the video because the teacher is very enthousiast about teaching and it was very clear to me.

Here is the first lesson:

July 26, 2017

I love Maha. She's awesome.

welcome, If you need any help just tell me and I'll help you

There are Arabic Letters?!

yeah, it's a little hard but it's beautiful. أ ب ت ث...

I really like that there are letters pronounced Wow and Ya.

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