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Skills weaken too fast [DE]

(You've probably heard this a million times by now, sorry) Yesterday I had to strengthen 5 skills. Today I have to strengthen 9. It's getting ridiculous at this point and I can not move on because I have to strengthen too many skills. Why is this? Am I doing wrong that I'm using "Strengthen skills" instead of the "Practice" in the skills themselves? I'd really appreciate some help because I don't feel like spending hours and hours just strengthening these many skills and trying to move on to new ones.

July 26, 2017



The solution would be to take charge of your own learning and only strengthen the skills that you feel need strengthening and leave yourself enough to time to move into new lessons. There's no rule saying everything has to be gold all the time just do what you think is best for you. The algorithm is only based off of an average so for a lot of people it won't be quite right.


You're right, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks! Also, on a completely unrelated note, is it intentional that sometimes, even after strengthening a skill, it still doesn't become gold? (I mean if it's 4/5)


Sometimes maybe it needs strengthening again some skills have a lot more words in so would need to be strengthened more than once but it's probably not normally if you did it multiple times from 4/5 and it still didnt gold, a few people have said that that has happened to them


An example of my theory: your strength shows 4 but in the data base it is 3.6. You strengthen and it goes to 4.4 in the data base but still shows 4. The next time you strengthen it shows 5.


Happened to me in Portuguese too when I used to do it. It went away after about a month. Just don't move on until you strengthen everything a ton, but nobody says you have to strengthen everything. Do what you want.


Are you sure that the strengthen excercise actually increases the skill bar or does it stay the same?
On the old (Python) Duo portal it was known that sometimes you need to do the lessons, instead of strengthen the skill.

Are you using the user script "DuoLingo Skill strength viewer"?
It (V0.2) is known to be working on the updated Duo portal (Scala) from source L1 English language courses (e.g EN-PT works).
You can strengthen those skills individually (per skill) you have / feel a need of.

Actually there was an older posting linked in one thread last 2-3 weeks that the "Strengthen skills" button shall NOT be used until everything is gold.
If you do not do so, that global strengthen button will always choose the early skills top-down from your tree.
I would not expect that this design has changed with the Scala code rewrite.

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