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Favorite Duolingo Language

Whats your favorite language on Duoling?

March 26, 2014



German! (Deutsch!)


germans chill! im a level 2


German. French sounds better to me but I just like German.


cools im like only on level 9 heeh but keep working! ye


Well, if you look at what languages I am learning here, it will be unbelievably tough to guess my answer... ;-)


since your name is a detour for itself, any language can be our choice! but i think french is not among them since you are a multilingual and if you liked french more than others, you would surely have started it sooner!


Don't get your point. Started learning French 14 (!) years ago and was almost fluent in it, but lost everything due to time and illnesses. It's sometimes not a question of what one really wants, but life circumstances. I also studied (besides my native language which is German) English, Latin, Ancient Greek and took a glimpse of Spanish and Esperanto, I also understand very basic things in Italian and Portuguese and can read Russian slowly. My favourite language is still (currently) French but I will definitely learn one or more Asian languages in the future.


life circumstances.... it reminds me of myself being a 23 years old man with only a BA, while i could be starting my first semester in Phd by now if things hadn't gone wrong


Spanish, definitely.


It's indeed a marvelous language :D ;)


Portuguese is beautiful... Also it is fairly easy if you speak Spanish. I love the sounds.

Also Brazil's economy's growing quickly..


Duolingo does not have a lot of fun languages...if I had to pick, then German. Outside of Duolingo, I would say Ossetian and Finnish.


Every language (at least the ones on here for now, and outside of Duo I like Mandarin!)


But I don't take Mandarin, yet (French is hard enough -.-).


What place is mandarin? Is it madarin from iron man 3? Is it India?


It is in China.


Mandarin is the language that is the most spoken in the whole world, that's why it's probably useful to lean it.


It's not sure which language it is - I have read figures from 500 million to 1.5 billion concerning English and roughly 800 million to 1.1 billion for Mandarin Chinese. Sometimes they also say that there are more Spanish speakers than English speakers.


It is? I thought english was spoken. the most.


No Mandarin is the first spoken, followed by English.


Well I really enjoy learning all of them but if I had to chose then it would be French !


I like Spanish, but outside of Duolingo I like Japanese more, in some ways its less confusing.


I agree, too bad they don't have Japanese on Duolingo though.


It's hard to choose I like them all. But I think I will go with French.


You know I have a suggestion, instead of learning a ton of languages, I think it's better learning one at a time. It can get confusing so you should focus on one and then move on from there. I'm not saying it's wrong, it's just a suggestion.


Currently on Duolingo, I would say Spanish. Those outside of Duolingo, I would say Esperanto.


Have you already studied Esperanto or is it a major interest to learn this language next?


I never studied Esperanto, but I'm fluent (listening & speaking only) in it because it's one of the three languages I learnt from my parents as a child. Even though I can't read or write Esperanto, it made learning English very very easy. After I become fluent in Spanish, I will teach myself how to read and write Esperanto -- it should be an entertaining prospect.


Wow, that is outstanding! What are your other two mother tongues? This is really impressive and I guess learning how to write in Esperanto will be a wonderful task for you. Maybe you could check www.lernu.net for that purpose?


Thanks for the website. I checked it out and I just registered to be a member. Anyway, my other two native languages are Temne and Jamaican Creole. Most people have never even heard of these languages. Temne is more of a tribal language, and Jamaican Creole is what Jamaicans speak to each other. From being raised and schooled in the mountains of Jamaica, I didn't get exposed to English til I was 10, when I started going to public school. Over the years, I have just been learning more and more languages; it's now a personal hobby of mine.


Spanish and German


German, well since it's the only language I'm learning here. Outside of Duolingo, my favorite language would be Polish.


My favorite language on Duolingo is Portuguese.

Minha língua favorita em Duolingo é o português. Eu acho que é um idioma linda e também é muito parecido com o espanhol. As vezes eu sempre estou errado mas eu amo aprender está linguagem maravilhosa.

Saudações de México

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