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Finished French tree, loved it!

As the title says - I finished the French and I really enjoyed it. It absolutely pushes my buttons in terms of motivating me, and I've wanted to stick with it and learn more. I can't believe how much I've got out of it!

I saw someone mention that once they finish a language tree they do the same language the other way round. So I've just done French from English, and I'd like to try English from French to see if it helps with my French. Is it possible for me to have both on my account at the same time? I don't want to have to create a new account and swap between them.

Also do you think this is an efficient way to improve my French or would I be better spending more time going over the French tree - I don't mind repetition if that makes me better at the language.

July 26, 2017



Well Done!!!

"Is it possible for me to have both on my account at the same time?" > Yes, it is possible!!

"Also do you think this is an efficient way to improve my French or would I be better spending more time going over the French tree" > I would do both (though the two are probably very similar!)



Did you focus on keeping your tree gold throughout?


Yes! And since finishing the tree my fluency fluctuates between 59% and 62%. I don't think I'll ever be able to get it higher than that though.


I believe it does not get much higher than 62% for the French-from-English tree. The reverse tree can go higher than 70%, though.

You probably noticed than in the FR-from-EN tree, you type a lot of English. It will be the opposite with the EN-from-FR tree: you will type a lot of French, so it should help you improve.


I could easily be wrong but it seems that on the app I type mainly French but on the web-based Duolingo it's almost all English typing. I use mainly the app, but I guess a mix of both, plus a mix of tree + reverse tree should cover a decent mix :)


Discussions like these motivate me more and more each time I see them.

Anyway, I would tell you to do the whole French tree again to solidify what you should already know. Doing that will increase your xp and get you closer to level 25, too. However, if you are confident you know all the material in the tree, then you may learn English from French.

Also, another thing you can try is clozemaster.com. I've heard it's useful to those who have already completed the Duolingo tree and who want to further improve their vocabulary and grammar.

However, I personally believe the best way to improve is to start using the language in real life. Now you have completed the tree, you should have enough vocabulary to write to pen-pals, write short stories, read online articles/etc.

The more you use a language, the more comfortable you'll be with it.

All in all, just be proud of your newly learnt language!


I use the random 'practice French' button rather than choosing lessons on the tree now because I never know what it's going to hit me with! I'll keep doing that until I stop getting anything wrong. Plus it throws up funny stuff. Today I got "Careful, the snow is yellow". Not complicated but it keeps me interested :)

Thanks very much for your advice. I've never heard of clozemaster, I'll go take a look now x


I know what you mean. Duolingo likes to throw funny/weird sentences at us, but I guess that's why it works so well. :)

You're welcome. Have you tried it yet? If so, let me know what you think of it. x


Not yet but I will later this week!



The reverse tree is nice, but I will also try Memrise or other course.


Thanks :) I do Memrise daily too. Is there another course that you'd recommend?


Congratulations on completing your French tree! And thanks guys for providing other tools like Memrise and www.clozemaster.com.


Emploi super! Tu devrais essayer les histoires de laboratoire?


Good job on finishing your French tree! :D


Congrats, this is excellent! Maybe you could try learning another language from French instead of English.


Thanks! I'll stick with French - I recently moved to France so learning the language is more than just a hobby for me :D


Yeah i'll soon be starting spanish!

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