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Gold or continue?


Since I found duolingo a couple of years ago my goal has been to finish the French tree. I recently started french again on duolingo (after resetting) and am about 1/3-1/2 way down the tree. The problem is the last few days I haven't progressed at all as the time I set aside for french has just been trying to re-gold my tree. What do I do?

Should I just continue with the tree and not worry about keeping it gold until after I have finished?

When i do strengthen my skills it helps a bit to revisit the words in particular sections but the strengthening is long and now I see coming on duolingo more as a chore than a hobby as I know I'll just be golding my tree.

Does anyone have any advice/experience for/with this? Any help/feedback is appreciated. Doesn't just have to be from people learning French.

July 26, 2017



If you run into trouble with your memory along the way, you may then go back and revise but if not, just try to finish your tree first. That's what I did!


Personally, I completely ignored the gold. 1/5 strength for the most basic lesson? Not so sure. If you think you can assess your knowledge of the lessons better than the gold, there's certainly nothing wrong with doing this way. We're not here to make a virtual tree gold (or so I hope), we're here to learn a language.


I normally just try to keep my strength at 4/5. Then I just move on.


I've been doing a bit of the same thing. I don't think about keeping my tree gold, so much as keeping my understanding sharp. When I consistently understand the strengthening exercises, or feel prepared to move on and retain new info, I start a new branch. Otherwise I keep practicing so that the tricky phrases start to make sense in varying contexts. I also make sure to go on Duolingo at least a little every day, both to keep the streak and to keep the sections gold without having to think about them too much.


What I do is one or two strengthening exercises to start off with, then I'll do three or four new learning exercises. Then I assess repeat, whether in the same language or a different one. That way, I'm keeping my vocabulary sharp whilst still making progress.


Let us define "progress" as "increase your knowledge of French." If regilding things helps you progress at a rate commensurate with the time expenditure, then work on rejiggering your thinking from it being a chore to it being part and parcel of your hobby. But if you already know the content well, then trust your common sense. Potentially useful rule of thumb: if you can do several timed practices all the way through with minimal hint use and 17ish+ correct, then who cares what color Duolingo is putting on something. You know it for now. Later on maybe some things will slip your mind and maybe there will be more translation into French, and additional review will be a good use of time, but that's later on.


Are you using the user script "DuoLingo Skill strength viewer"?
It (V0.2) is known to be working on the updated Duo portal (Scala) from source L1 English language courses (e.g EN-PT works).


just strengthen and strengthen-don't give up! By making it more fun, you can maybe buy (at the lingot store) a timed practice (or did you already do that?) Sometimes if you just keep strengthening a skill, till you know every word perfectly, it stays gold all the time (for example, with me, basics 1).

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