July 26, 2017



Drink in Swahili is Kunywa. Duolingo please correct that. For it to be hunywa it should be something the person does continuously. For example: Yeye hunywa Maji. It means:He/She drinks water.


If I recall correctly this "sentence" first appears in the Habitual skill. There are a lot of one word questions in it that don't work when strengthening outside that skill (and don't really work within it either). They really do need revising for context.


I get you. So it needs to be revised or people will get confused. Because Drink cannot be hunywa. Drinks is hunywa. Drink is Kunywa. Because it's habitual, a habit something done continuously.


Well, I/you/we/they drink is mimi/wewe/ninyi/sisi/wao hunywa so it can be both ... but I'm with you. Random words without any context is an awful way to learn.

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