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Outdated version

Hi guys,

it seems to be that I am running on an outdated version of Duolingo. Not from an App perspective but simply my Duolingo seems different. I am using iOS.

I discovered that recently when a friend showed me his Duolingo progress and I discovered a couple of things which I dont have: - The top right corner says "practice" for me, on his screen there are hearts like lifes - He has speaking exercises, I dont have them - He has rewards or missions in between which I dont have

We are mainly talking about Portuguese lessons, but I also tested German with the same result. I tried to login/logout and reinstalling the App. Both didnt help.

I would be happy for any advice. Thank!

July 26, 2017



Whether or not you get speaking exercises probably depends on whether you have the speaker enabled in "Settings"

Hearts are a recent addition so it sounds like your app is out of date. If your phone doesn't say there's an upgrade available, just remove it and reinstall it.

The missions/rewards things is something new to me; probably something that Duo is considering adding and your friend has simply had the (good?) luck to be in a group that they're testing it on.

  • Speaking Exercises are of course enabled

  • As I said, login/logout and App reinstall already done - didnt help

  • Mission/rewards - could be


Whoops - I missed the part about app reinstall. My apologies.
Must be testing new features then.


I didn't see what version of IOS you are running. I don't want to make any assumptions but that could be a cause...only if you are not running IOS 8 or later.

That is the only thing I could think of that hasn't been covered already!


Welcome to IOS A/B test groups.


I don't seem to have speaking exercises for Portuguese either. [I'm not sure if you could have speech exercises turned on without this, but have you given Duolingo access to your microphone in the privacy settings?] I vastly prefer iOS's dictation feature for speech recognition anyway.

You're probably in a fairly small control group that doesn't have Health. Probably cause for happiness over concern: reviews of Health not exactly positive overall (although there are different versions now, and at this point mine at least has gotten pretty innocuous).

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