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Revising the learning modules to better diversify the learning experience.

I have completed the Duolingo Spanish course and I now only use the course to reaffirm existing language skills. I have also "mastered" all the modules, save for each day when some modules lose strength and I need to practice it again to remaster it.

At this point I'm finding many of the practice sessions mundane and repetitive. I'm learning the same words or phrases many times over and the lessons are predictable.

What I would like to see is a strengthen skills options that randomizes the lessons and preferably mixes the lessons during each practice session. In fact, Duolingo previously had a test option that cost 25 gems and was exactly this, although longer than a regular timed or untimed practice.

The problem is when I study the module on the future tense, for example, the lesson inherently becomes easier for me because I already know the lesson is on the future tense. All translations, particularly from Spanish to English, are then a simple understanding that this sentence I'm reading is in the future tense. It does not test my recognition of the future tense itself. If there was a randomized testing option that pulled testing elements from all modules it would require that I remain "on-my-toes" and test my actual recognition of each of the verb conjugations rather than knowing ahead of time what material I am testing.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


July 26, 2017



I encourage you to diversify your own learning experience. when you were a kid how did you improve your language skills? my gran gave me college dictionary when I was nine, and I read it--for fun. I read books that were just out of my vocabulary level and plowed through them with my friend, the dictionary. I watched and read shakepeare as a preteen. my advice for you. if you haven't read don quixote in spanish-have at it. buy an all spanish dictionary. many of the dvds you may have will have spanish audio. google your favorite tv show 'en espagnol'. duolingo is for us to play at the beginnings of a language, while our study habits are recorded and analyzed. our behaviour on a meta scale is duo's interest. no, my tinfoil hat has not come off, thanks for asking. there is no progress on duo past a lower intermediate stage. to keep 'on your toes' it's time to go elsewhere. improving your spanish-it's up to you. you can do it.

[deactivated user]

    Also, all of the Netflix originals have like, ten or so language dubs. Orange is the New Black, F is for Family, Bojack Horseman, a lot of great shows. I am not sure if Caslevania is in several languages or not. I know the Death Note movie will be. Long story short, Netflix is a great place to up your game.


    I agree. At this point Duolingo is mostly a mechanism to keep the language fresh in my mind. If I want to improve my skills I need to branch out to find more challenging mediums, which to an extent I have. That said, I feel my suggestion would be an improvement on Duolingo's current practice mode that would enhance the experience for the user, which I know is something they are interested in. If they want intermediate-level users like me to continue using their site they will need to make tweaks like this.


    Actually, you have not already "mastered" the modules, as you are not forced on DuoLingo to type (RECALL) in Spanish but with the forward course you translate too much (not customizable) from L2 Spanish to your native L1 language :-)

    Try the Spanish to English/German reverse tree, turn of speaker settings and install Camilo's user script "DuoLingo Tree Enhancer".


    YESSSS PLEASE. Sometimes I hardly have to look at the sentence to know what it is and what to translate it to because I have already translated it fifty billion times.

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