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Labs for German

I noticed the labs in Spanish and Portuguese. Are there any plans for German labs? If so, when?

July 27, 2017



It's still in beta and they said if it graduates they will start rolling it out to other languages


Yes, if. It is not even sure that Stories will stay or if they discontinue it. They might discontinue it at any time.


I reckon it will graduate from beta, all the reviews I have seen have been overwhelming positive and the negative posts about it seem to be that there isn't enough languages yet xD


That's true. I also believe that. I just wanted to add it.

Let's hope they don't say it is great but not great enough. Or the number of users who works on it is too low or lower than expected even though it seems to be very high for us. We don't read the feedback of the majority of Stories users.


Any news about the labs in German?

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