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Bots for Other Languages!

Hello! Currently, I am learning Italian and German. I've noticed that there is a feature called "bots" on my German course, and not my Italian course. I was just wondering if there would be bots on the Italian course anytime soon. I don't know if any other languages besides German have bots, but no rush! Thanks.

July 27, 2017



Spanish and I think French have bots.

I know there were alpha or beta tests for bots for Portuguese. I don't know if bots were tested for other languages, nor do I know if the Portuguese bots were ever released to the public.


I have bots for Portuguese. I assumed everyone had them.


I wasn't sure because I was a beta tester for the Portuguese bots and never heard if they were released widely or not.


I was a beta tester for French (I think—certainly not Portuguese, anyway). If I recall correctly, the Portuguese bots materialised about 2-3 months ago. If some people still don't have them, it's possible they're being A/B-tested.


What are the bots? I'm learning Spanish and don't see anything by that name...


They are only on the IOS app.


Oh, okay. Yeah, I don't use the app. Thanks!


Both have bots. Very useful.

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