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When do we get a Finnish course?

Moi! Yes Finnish is quite complex, I have learnt a bit mostly from my Finnish girlfriend but I love the structure of the Duolingo site!

We need to get this happening! So many people would benefiit!


July 27, 2017



There are quite a few of us learners who would like to see Finnish here, and also quite a few Finns who have volunteered to help build a course. Unfortunately, until Duolingo decides that it's the right time to start building it, there's nothing more we can do.

This is the most upvoted discussion about Finnish here. You can add your vote to support our cause.

And if you want to start learning, Zzzzz... kindly makes Slow Finnish lessons for us here in the discussions.

[deactivated user]


    lol. Is your name belgianstrudel or Chef Roberto?


    Every few months I look if there are any Duolingo Finnish News... I guess chances are you've learned basic Finnish when the Duolingo course gets released. But I agree - I prefer the structure of Duolingo courses to any other site.


    It takes ages for languages to become a part of duolingo because they need enough people to build the course. Plus, it has to go through the numerous beta stages. So one day, but not soon.


    Numerous qualified people have volunteered for Finnish. It takes ages because Duolingo is taking ages to start a Finnish course in the incubator; I don't know whether or not there is a good reason for this, but it can't possibly be lack of volunteers.


    Hindi had 1 contributor for a while. Numerous people have applied to create the course, but nothing yet.


    From what I heard, this was because the one contributor refused to let anyone else in; it was not down to inaction on Duolingo's part. Once a course is in the incubator, admitting contributors becomes an internal matter for course moderators; all Duolingo staff have to do is start the ball rolling by creating one or more course moderators at the outset.


    Well I completely agree

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