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High Valyrian And The Books


I think a really cool thing to see someday is the books fully translated into High Valyrian! It'd be like a milestone for the language and the people learning it.

And because "High Valyrian is the only true language for poems", I look forward to seeing original poems in this Duolingo High Valyrian Community. :)

That's all I wanted to spark I guess, Kirimvose!


By "spark", I mean like, I would like this to be a discussion. :))

Also, for the times where they ACTUALLY speak High Valyrian in the book, they can bolden or italicize it, if it ever becomes a reality. :))

July 27, 2017



It could be a while before there is enough language for a whole book but hopefully one day.

Here are some examples of High Valyrian and Dothraki poems and things that have been done already if anyone is interested.




Even if it is a very long term goal, I would love to try my hand at translating any of the songs that appear in the books/show (such as The Bear and the Maiden Fair) or try to actually compose the lyrics of any of the ones that are only mentioned by name. But as I said, it is a very long term goal.


Would love to see lyrics for Jenny's song some day, especially with Jenny of Oldstones connection to the Targaryens.


Might be the very first I try, I do love the story of Jenny after all! (And I need to flex my poetic and translation skills)


I would be happy even with simple stories. Something not related to GoT, if possible. Children books or songs. If I could make time, I would try my hand at it...


I would love little stories too :) I've seen other users putting stories, songs, & poems in the forums which is cool!


I want to translate the bible in this language someday xD, and I want to use it for my family

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