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Please, please, PLEASE more English to German translating tasks

This is has probably been said before. Regardless, Duolingo, please, great as the German program is (and it really is, I've learned so much I just 2 months, and can appreciate the difficulty of delivering and expanding the content to users for free), regardless, more English to German translations are needed. At the moment, there'll be 3 or 4 per set, with the rest all German to English. Which is great for understanding German, but doesn't help with being able to express oneself in it.

Thanks for your consideration

March 8, 2013



I did not count, but in other languages there seemed to be more translations into English than into the language we were supposed to learn. I agree with mjtischer: more translations out of English please.


Agreed VERY strongly, for all languages. These are always the most difficult questions (for me at least), so they are the ones we need to practice more, not less!


Suggestion: In the second part of a skill you could raise the number of translations into the object language greatly, because the learner would have passed the basics of this skill.


I also think some of the translating tasks they give us are just not very good. Some of the translations I've been given were translating the source of something at the bottom of a page. I want to translate sentences, not sources


Hi, we shared some German to English translation tips here: https://www.weaving-words.uk/german-to-english-translation-tips

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