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  5. "O macaco está com as chaves."

"O macaco está com as chaves."

Translation:The monkey has the keys.

March 8, 2013



Wouldn't "O macaco tem as chaves" be a much more straight forward way to say this. Also, I can think of a valid context for the phrase "The monkey is with the keys" such as a toy monkey and toy keys. How would you say that?


"is with" = "has"?


In english we usually dont use be+with to express possession. Its not common to say I am with the pen, but I have the pen


BUT--if there's a giant pen around, then saying you're with the pen might be telling somewhere where you are (via phone) so they can find you. Is this just how it's said in portuguese though? "is with" always means "has"?


So why isn't "O macaco tem as chaves" a good answer? What was the point of using esta at all?


It's also right, but not the best option. It's a word-for-word translation that doesn't sound natural in Portuguese.

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