"Який смартфон має всі ці технології?"

Translation:Which smartphone has all of these technologies?

July 27, 2017

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Got caught on this one again. A literal translation would be "all these technologies" but in every day speech "all this technology" would be more natural.


Усі and всі are actually the same!


Well, they are obviously not because they are spelled differently x) But I understand what you wanted to say.

Both are accepted in this exercise. If your answer wasn't accepted, maybe you misspelled something else.


well somethings wrong here because i had exactly the correct solution and was marked wrong. Just possibly something to do with a bad connection.....


Are you sure it was exactly correct? Next time please write your solution in the comments, so I can debug it :)


No, really, sometimes things go strange and then I lose connection altogether..... probably its just at my end .... so I shouldn't probably have written anything ....just out of frustration....


Why mark me wrong on my English spelling. It is Ukrainian i am learning, not the English language.

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The program doesn't evaluate your English, it just compares your input with the templates stored in the database. It can even tolerate some typos, but not all. So if it can't match your answer with the database, it rejects.

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