Hi, I am quite new to this and would like to do the Russian course but I do not have the Cyrillic alphabet on my keyboard. Does anyone know any software that I could get or any way round this? It is an apple keyboard. Thanks

July 27, 2017


When you subscribe to the Russian course, you will have access to the "Russian for English speakers" forum. At the top of that discussion forum you'll see several stickied discussions. "Stickied" means they stay at the top of the page even if they go inactive or get down voted. They're always easily accessible.

One of those discussions is Russian: the Alphabet and the Keyboard

You can also figure out which combinations of English letters can be used to write Cyrillic. I do this all the time here.

Do you like the russian course? I'm also quite new to Duolingo. Already learned Esperanto for 5 days. Russian looks fun.

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