Hello everyone , I wanted to read a novel in french but unfortunately I found my best website (Partagora) for free downloading books closed, so do you know sites to download free novels in french? By the way , what is the best book you've ever read ?

July 27, 2017


Hi, could you please edit your post and change the topic from "Duolingo" to "French"? The folks in the French forum will know some good books, and most folks in the general forum don't study French. Bonne chance !

Hi, here is link eBooks - Download & Read Free Books - French - BookRix;lang:fr.html. Good luck!

You can just type the name of the book +pdf into Google and usually find one for free As for my favourite books I really enjoyed La nausée ( I think it's called that ) by Jean Paul Sartre and l'étranger by Albert Camus. L'étranger is the easier two and is pretty easy to understand due to the writing style

Thank you everyone , your advices were really helpful

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