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"The teacher puts the student into the room."

Translation:Die Lehrerin stellt den Schüler in das Zimmer.

March 8, 2013


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To my mind the sentence does not make sense. It would be better to say "die Lehrerin/der Lehrer setzt den Schüler in das Zimmer"


Could one not also say "ins Zimmer"?


". . . stellt den Studenten" is correct, per Duolingo?


It is correct. "Der Student" is declined to "den Studenten" in accusative, and to "dem Studenten" in dative. As if it was plural.

Sadly, Duolingo has done a terrible job of warning (I won't say teaching) users that nouns are also declined in German. That entire issue goes unmentioned. When it comes to learning grammar, and grammar one must learn, Duolingo is not the right place to go.


Thank you. Duolingo does have its limitations, but I must say that the help I've received from the people here has been a boon I never encountered in any other language instruction - even in school.


I agree 100% with your comment. Still, this system is such a great way to learn a new language, that including a couple of basic grammar tables here and there would make it even better than it is right now.


"den Studenten" is quite correct, but "stellt" is out of place here. That is what you can do to an inanimate object like a flowerpot or an umbrella. As long as the student is a living person (not a statue or a mummy), you cannot really use "stellt"

There is no German word as broadband as "put".

According to the situation you can use:

"steckt" (rather unfriendly act)

"setzt" (a chair or stool or something is involved)

"bringt" (a bit more about leading him there than putting him into the room)

"sperrt" (the teacher puts him there and locks the door")


Well the image isn't pretty in English either. Putting someone into a room would seem to be a unfriendly act. I imagine picking someone up and carrying him into the room. Perhaps a father could do that to his child, but a teacher could get sued!


Is "den Student" grammatically incorrect, or just out of context?


with "den" it must be "Studenten"


Just want to check I'm getting the hang of this...

So is it "das Zimmer" instead of "dem Zimmer" because it involves movement? The room becomes part of the action so it requires the accusative case, right?


That's right. Stellen is a verb of action/movement, so you get to use the accusative.

It may be of help if you think about it in terms of you being seated on a chair. Any verb that requires you to get up of that chair to perform the action uses the accusative. If you can complete the action without needing to move away for your chair, you get to use the dative,


Can someone explain why it wont accept "...stellt den schüler ins Zimmer ein." I had thiught einstelllen was to "put in"

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